Where to ask questions?

confused-147435_640We want all our students to be able to ask questions about lesson topics. So, after you have finished reading through a lesson topic, continue to scroll down the page. You will see a large box which you can use to type and submit your message.

This system for communication will be referred to as the “Comment Section” or “Comment Area”.

When someone submits a comment, the instructor will be notified. If the comment is appropriate for discussion, the instructor will approve the comment to be displayed on the page. Once a comment is visible on the lesson topic page, students and instructors will be able to reply to other comments to create a record of the discussion. Students will be able to come back at any time to review these comments.

If you have a general question about this website, please send us a message through the contact form.

If you are enrolled as a student and are experiencing technical difficulties, please submit a support ticket.

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  1. Ivan Prim March 22, 2017 at 3:28 pm #

    I’m on HSNH “Where-to-ask-questions” page.

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