Aromatherapy Workshop – Level III

Clinical Practice in Healthcare Settings

Info below applies to both Online and Live Clinical Aromatherapy Classes
Live Course = 15 hours / Online courses = 50+ hours (much more in-depth)


Level III builds on the basic skills developed in Levels I and II. It continues the exploration of individual essential oils with in-depth presentations of about 10 more, including some that are less commonly used.

In Levels I and II, attention was focused on learning how to safely and effectively use specific oils for specific purposes. In Level III the focus is on learning to use aromatherapy as a tool for supporting and improving health in a broad sense. We will explore the elements that contribute to good health and look at how aromatherapy may be used to enhance the process of creating health. An important topic of discussion will be an explanation of the physiology of the Mind/Body connection as it is seen in the operation of the body’s hypothalamic/pituitary/adreno-cortical axis.

This presentation, which will be offered in an easy to understand way, describes the body’s response to stress and the ways in which stress undermines health; it provides a solid rationale for structuring aromatherapy interventions that make a very important to contribution to health by helping to decrease and manage stress and its effects. In addition, students who wish to do so will have the opportunity to present case studies for discussion by the class. Other topics may be covered according to class interests.

Aromatherapy Workshops – Levels I, II & III

This series of courses online and live offers three sequential levels of training and is designed for massage therapists, nurses and other healing arts practitioners who wish to integrate aromatherapy into their professional practice. It is assumed that students enrolling in these courses have a foundation in basic anatomy and physiology.

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