Clinical Aromatherapy for Health Care Professionals – Level 1

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Hours: 50 per level

This series of courses is designed for nurses, massage therapists and other licensed health care practitioners and offers three sequential levels of training leading to a diploma/certification in Clinical Aromatherapy. Non-licensed persons may also take the course and on completion will earn a diploma in Practical Aromatherapy. It is assumed that students enrolling in the course have a foundation in basic anatomy and physiology.

This in-depth instruction by Dr. Joie Power will provide the student with a solid foundation in the practice of aromatherapy and the actions of essential oils with an emphasis on safe and effective use in clinical settings. The course combines solid scientific data, practical clinical techniques and a holistic approach that honors Body, Mind and Spirit. It covers both evidence-based and energetic approaches to the clinical practice of aromatherapy and provides basic instruction in the principles of Chinese Medicine to anchor the energetic approach. By the end of Level III, you will have learned how to effectively use 36 or more essential oils. Throughout the course, Dr. Power shares her 30 years of experience in the use of essential oils in clinical settings and uses her unique expertise in the field of neuropsychology to provide insight into the neurological basis of the olfactory effects of essential oils on mood and behavior and on Endocrine and Immune System Function. She moves beyond the basic practices of utilizing essential oils for simple physical complaints and behavioral issues and shows students how essential oils may be used as key tools in helping people recover and maintain optimal health and vitality.

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All students must fill out a Student Application before being allowed to enroll in this course.

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Course Content

Lessons Status

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Aromatherapy


Lesson 2 – The History of Aromatherapy from Ancient to Modern Times


Lesson 3 – The Nature of Essential Oils, How They Are Extracted, And Their Many Uses


Lesson 4 – Selecting and Handling Essential Oils


Lesson 5 – How Essential Oils Enter And Affect The Body Through The Chemical Pathway


Lesson 6 – How Essential Oils Access The Nerve Pathway


Lesson 7 – Essential Oil Safety



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